Research Program of N.T.U.A. 2009 i

Supervisor: Prefecture of Athens-Piraeus


This research program refers to the study of the National Garden from a historical, planning, environmental, landscaping and architectural view. This research was also accompanied by  a topographical survey, the examination and redesign of irrigation, firefighting networks and electro/mechanical facilities.

The proposals of architectural interventions in particular, include the control and securing of the Garden’s planning organization, the redesign of functional and theme units, the rehabilitation of existing building shells, the creation of supplementary reversible auxiliary building shells and the design of the required equipment and outdoor furnishings.

It is crucial to emphasize the necessity of the multi-scientific approach that characterized the National Garden research program.

Mr. Moraitis was the Main Researcher of this program and the coordinator in charge of individual scientific groups, in order to compose a final Master Plan with the cooperation of individual scientists-researchers and to further organize the designs of the separate more detailed interventions.