Final study 2012 i

Architectural study:

K. Chelidoni & Co. -ARSIS ARCHITECTS

Bioclimatic study:

M. Christolis, K. Vasilopoulos, K. Ntrenogianni

Landscaping study:

M. Vorreakou, St. Katsogianni


 The 10th Primary School of Ilioupoli is surrounded by the streets Mykonou, Aiginis, Voreiou Ipeirou and by a pedestrian pathway. The  landscape synthesis is based on the creation of a parabolic mesh, made of plants, which lies on the terrace’s surface. The grid is composed by successive plant waves, which refer to naturality, rather than the strictness of the structural building grid. The plant waves are supported by thinner, higher and color-signified shrub plantings, which follow the curved tracings. The wavy tracings are interrupted by linear planted walkways, which complete the structure of the natural grid. This particular planted roof is not accessible, as the existing static tolerances are not appropriate. However, vegetation not only provides environmental and energy benefits, but also aims to the area’s aesthetical improvement -offering to the visitors an aesthetic garden, fully colored and aromatic- as well as  to the realization of similar proposals in the wider region, inspired from this pilot  model.