Final study 2012 i

Architectural study:

K. Chelidoni & Co. - ARSIS ARCHITECTS

Bioclimatic study:

M. Christolis, K. Vasilopoulos, K. Ntrenogianni

Landscaping study:

M. Vorreakou, St. Katsogianni


The 2nd Day Nursery school of Tavros is located on the south of Piraeus and Chamosternas junction at the borders of Tavros Municipality. The planting of the roof covers its need of waterproofing, while the protection and longlasting of the insulation are ensured. The roof garden of the nursery school will be open for children to visit, in reference to the existing static tolerances. The main goal of the proposed design is the creation of an integrated area with individual features for the service of mainly children and infants’ needs and the utilization of the area for creative playing, experiential education and for the contact between infants and the environment. The synthesis of the landscape is based on the creation of a planted labyrinth–game, which covers the roof’s whole surface. The labyrinth is composed of linear plantings of medium height which meander defining play and relief areas.