Final study 2011 i

Employer: Municipality of Sifnos

Design study:

"ARSIS Architects" architectural team


This project involves the redesign of two open air public spaces at Sifnos island. The first one is located in Artemonas and is currently used as parking space and a sports court. The second one is located in Apollonia, which is the center of the island, and is also used as parking space.

The intervention proposed for these two areas, focuses on the sustainable redesign of the parking areas with a parallel improvement of the areas’ microclimate,  in order to restrain the urban climate change.

The aesthetic and functional development of the two areas is also of great importance and is achieved through the construction of light canopies, the use of cool materials for the hard surfaces and the planting of carefully selected new trees.

The basic idea for the garden is the selection of plants, that are resistant to the dry climate of the islands, aiming to:

  •          the increase of the shadowing effect
  •          the improvement of the thermal comfort
  •          the improvement of the optical and acoustic conditions